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Want to know what the number one rule is when doing a search for homes?  Many details must be considered in choosing your next home – style, size, price, location. It’s probably impossible to say which factor is most important. But one thing is certain – if you will be moving again in a few years, be sure you buy with selling in mind. Chances are the items that make your new home a comfortable fit for you will also attract buyers later on. Some special considerations for the short-term homeowner who has resale in mind:

Watch for growth potential
Search for an established neighborhood that will be enhanced by future growth but not inconvenienced by it.
Look out for resale value
Seek a prime neighborhood where houses sell well in any market.
Check out location
Consider availability of all aspects of transportation; even those you may not use.
Schools are important
Check for quality public schools, whether or not you have school-age children.
Green is good
Look carefully at the lot for trees and greenery to buffer winter winds or summer heat.
Room for visitors
See if ample guest parking is available for you and your neighbors.
Privacy is a plus
Consider how much privacy the house and lot will provide.

Drive the commute before you buy
Check morning and afternoon drive time to work, schools, shopping, churches.

Living in the Santa Clarita Valley is often one of the best choices people ever make. The people are happy, the commute to LA is not that bad, especially if you can time your drive right, carpool or don’t have to make the drive every day. The biggest appeal to living in the Santa Clarita Valley is low crime, great schools, affordable housing, and proximity to recreational activities.

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