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Relocate After The Loss Of A Loved One

 Relocate after the Loss of a Loved One


 Take steps to relocate after the loss of a loved one
There is no denying the power of grief. Everyone will have to face it. However, how do you move past your grief when you are reminded each and every day of your loss? Sometimes, what you need most is change.
The Benefits of the Move
This is a hard time, and you should not hold yourself to high standards during this period. One day, you may be able to get out of bed and shower easily, and the next, you may struggle to even open your eyes. Right now, being in the home you shared may just be too much. That's a common issue. When you move, you won't have to walk the familiar halls alone and begin to make new memories, while cherishing your old ones.
During the prep, it will benefit you to be surrounded by loved ones and those who care for you. Ask a loved one to be with you when you’re going through your things to help you plan and research what moving company you’ll use if you decide to use one.
Packing and Donation
You’re going to need to sort through everything as early as possible to move, even earlier than most other movers, as you will need extra time to decide what you’ll keep and what you will give to family, friends, or donate. Keep things that remind you of happy times with your loved one. Even if the memory is painful now, eventually you will want these reminders. When you do finally decide what you’ll keep, hiring professional packers may help. You may find yourself low on energy and motivation, so having others to help pack efficiently and safely may be a godsend.
If you do, make certain that you have ano-pack room established and fill it with things you will take with you directly, such as perishables, toiletries, clothes for the coming week, water, sheets and kitchen goods.
Moving Your Goods
If you feel able, you can rent your own truck, load it up, and drive it to your new home. Make sure you research how best to load, and, if possible, drive the route beforehand. You may want to rent a dolly to help you with the heavier items, which you should load first. However, if you just can’t face such a large endeavor, you will want to hire movers to handle the heavy lifting.
It’s understandable if you lack the energy and need to devote it to other areas of your life. If you do, make sure the company comes in person to give you an estimate and does a thorough evaluation of your home to gauge how much you have. Don’t pay a large deposit in advance. The benefit of hiring movers is not only do you not have the hassle of renting and driving a large vehicle you may need to purchase additional insurance for, but you know professionals will be handling and taking care of your precious things.
Grief is a process. You may feel better one day, and the next day you may feel like you’re back to square one. If a change of scenery is what you need, take as much time as you need to change it. There isn’t a rush when moving, but a new home may be the fresh start you need. Take care of yourself during this time, and hopefully, peace will come soon.
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