Inevitable Changes

The first snowfall at Mammoth Mountain for next season taken by The Mammoth Snowman September 21 the last day of Summer 2017

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Changes of the Season
I hope you’ve enjoyed a festive summer with tons of good memories visiting cool and interesting places with family and friends.  Summer is now over and it’s time to make…Thanksgiving Plans!  Let the holiday season begin. What are you dressing up as this Halloween?.
My summer was a blast with many yoga sessions at Santa Clarita’s original yoga studio Yoga-Yoga in Newhall and several trips to the beach thanks to the many +100° days. Darlene my wife of 33 years and I lucked out on two wonderful trips, enjoying the beautiful weather with temperatures in the mid-70s nearly every day!  In July we flew to Washington State to visit my mom, nephews and our oldest beautiful daughter Chelsea.
In August we were able to get up north to the East Bay to visit with our youngest daughter Crystal & grandson Noah before he started kindergarten at his new school.  Driving home through Yosemite National Park was a treat, here are some pictures of this magnificent treasure in a slideshow

 The next day riding my mountain bike from the top of Mammoth Mountain was invigorating. Here’s a video of me riding down Upper Road Runner.
 Hope you’ll share some of your best summer adventures with me.
Next month I begin my 32nd year as licensed real estate agent-broker serving Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas. In October I’ll be announcing a major change to help me help you and those you care about even more! Very exciting news!
I’ve lived and survived through many real estate and life stages that are out of my control. Reminiscing about them reminds me that change is inevitable to thrive.
Change Is Inevitable!  
We all experience changes throughout our lives. Most changes are done with positive outcomes that we look forward to. Other changes we have no control over and must learn, adapt or evolve to new standards, behaviors or habits.
One of the most important things I have learned in my life is change is inevitable and we can’t control it all no matter how hard we may want to.
Do you find yourself unsettled by uncertainty in your job, neighborhood, or housing market? Are you looking for ways to anticipate change and flow with the times? Here are some strategies to help you cope with the inevitable and prepare for “what’s next.”
Dealing with Inevitable Change
These days it can feel like everything is subject to dramatic and sudden change. If you’ve found yourself unsure how to live well in the face of “technological disruption” or other macro forces in the media and the markets, perhaps some perspective will help.
Most anger and anxiety around upheaval and uncertainty comes from fear. “Where do I fit in?” “How will I adapt?” “What’s next?” Sometimes this fear blossoms into full-blown denial. Denial includes a refusal to accept the changes happening before our eyes, an unwillingness to learn about future possibilities, and self-soothing stories which assure us that all will remain basically the same.
Instead, you might do well to enhance your mindset perspective. Here are five tactics to help you prepare:
1. Look at patterns in other areas. Though there is no “one size fits all” for radical change, there are lessons to be learned from recent history. Understanding big shifts in other industries, markets, or countries may help you get a feel for how your world may change.
2. Recognize when you’re in the echo chamber. Many established players will tell you what you want to hear: “Don’t panic, everything’s fine.” It can be alluring to listen to those voices who say “change is overblown” or “we’re in a unique industry, immune to many of the changes.”
3. Seek contrary opinions. Find out who holds different values. Listen to the arguments they have for revolutionizing the world or urging for reforms, even if it threatens your “normal.” You may disagree, but you can’t rationally evaluate your options if you keep your head in the sand.
4. Avoid catastrophizing. Catastrophizing “is an irrational thought a lot of us have in believing that something is far worse than it actually is.” (Learn more here: Even sea changes take time. Many predictions are too dire and unrealistic. Don’t let your fears drive your actions. Be smarter about your feelings.
5. Don’t fall victim to excessive nostalgia. We have a tendency to romanticize and simplify the past, giving ourselves the luxury of rose-colored glasses. Take time to appreciate the upside of change. Wishing for a time machine is a sure-fire way to remain paralyzed.
Yes, adapting to these changes can be a challenge. But take heart. You are more resilient than you might realize.
I enjoy helping people and their families reach the next stage in their lives.
Is there a change for your life in your future? Are you curious about changes in the real estate market and the value of real estate? Want to know get to the next stage with the least amount of disruption and inconvenience for you and your family?

Let’s talk about it!

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